I gain practical experience in the legal profession since 2004. Since 2010 I am the member of the Polish Bar Association and from 2013 I run my own law firm.

From the beginning of my legal career I broaden my interests and expand knowledge about the areas of law, management and business which are of my main interests. I participated in many training courses, conferences and workshops. I completed postgraduate studies in the field of accounting and corporate finances as well as in the field of business management. I am a graduate of the Advanced Management Program IESE Business School (University of Navarra). I also pursued a scholarship within a program Socrates / Erasmus at the Università degli Studi di Bari in Italy. I speak fluent English and I also communicate in Italian.

I specialize in following areas of law: economic law, commercial company law, capital market law and intellectual property law. I have many years of experience in providing comprehensive services to enterprises (also legal-financial aspects) including companies listed on the stock exchange. I advise at the conclusion of international commercial contracts, drafting prospectuses, restructuring of enterprises. I formed companies outside the Republic of Poland and I participated in numerous lawsuits and proceedings before the national audit institutions. I have experience in providing legal services to Russian and Italian-speaking customers.

Currently, within the framework of provided legal services I perform a function of Director of the Legal Department of a listed company and I am a deputy chairman of the supervisory board of the football club with top league traditions.

I am the member of the Bar Association in Warsaw and the mediator at the Mediation Center of the Polish Bar Council. I am the member of Polish Association of Corporate Lawyers (PSPP), Polish Group ILA (International Law Association) and IESE Alumni Association. I am also on the list of candidates to the supervisory boards led by the Ministry of Treasury.

I was a founding member of the association operating in the area of Warmia and Masuria, working in the field of European cooperation and development. I cooperated with the Federation of Social Organizations of the Warmia and Masuria Province FOS. Environmental issues are also my areas of interest.

Besides practiced profession I am interested in Polish literature, theater, music and street art. I willingly devote myself to the subject matter of Lviv and Eastern borderlands – among others, I am the Member of the Lviv and South Eastern Borderlands Lovers Association, Branch of Warsaw. I am also absorbed by the passion for supporting football teams.









Our team is composed of six lawyers specializing in different areas of law.

What unites us is our commitment to work in the Law Firm, cases we conduct but also the fact that we share a common passion to our job. We are ambitious and we are not afraid of new challenges. To come up with our customers’ expectations we gradually deepen our knowledge, following the changes in the field if law.

As the superior value we consider our clients’ interests and the care for their businesses.

Excellent education, hard work, wide knowledge and experience are the elements that determine our success. We always work in such a manner as to achieve the goals put before us.


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